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Sanders wanted to stay one step ahead of their competitors in the farm supply distribution business. This meant heavily focusing on their web presence. They needed a site that was to the point, easy to navigate, easy to update, and allowed their employees to access the site in the field using tablets and smart phones. Sanders got all of that and so much more.

Location Mapping

Sanders had many locations spanning west Texas to Maryland. They needed an easy way to show where each are located and allow users to be able to find the closest one to them. Once the user finds the closest location they have the option to set it as their preferred location allowing them to easily access the information when they return to the site. Sanders has complete control over adding, editing, and removing locations. The CMS in place automatically does the hard work for them by placing each location on a map based on the address and allows location aware filtering in addition to showing all locations by state.

I worked on this project as a full-time employee at Deluge Studios.

Responsible for

Design, Front End Development, Back End Development, Content Management System

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